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Brandy Row is a Musician, Actor, Film Maker, Writer, Director, Author, Model & Skateboarder from London.  This is the official website for Brandy's many ventures.  

Brand new video for the Acoustic Version of title track ''Situations'' from forth coming album set to be released 2023.

Brand new video for track ''Crazy World'' from the forth coming album  ''Situations'' 

Brandy Row Acting Showreel


''Thicker Than Water''
A scene written & directed by Brandy Row & shot and edited by the Brandy Row Productions team


Music video for the song ''Bury Lane'' 

Acoustic version of  title track ''Situations'' from the forth coming album "Situations'' 

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-14 at 3.54.48 PM.jpeg

New unreleased "Gently'' version of ''Consolidated'' will be released  11th November 

New unreleased "Alternate version'' of ''Walking on a Razor's Edge'' will be released  18th November 


New film scoring track "Monolith'' will be released  2nd December 

New film scoring track "Signals'' will be released  9th December 


New film scoring track "Panopticon'' written for Death Skateboards will be released  23rd December 

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